A Better Screencap Tool for Linux .deb packages

So for  years Linux users have had to press PrntScrn button, save the image, then open up an image editor and edit the image, be it crop, add lines, add test, etc…   Or, you know, you could use one of several command line apps, that in the end results in editing the pic in a app…

But then Deepin Linux made a great Screencap tool.

But the Chinese Linux Distro “Deepin” has made a greatly enhanced screencap tool named “Deepin-scrot”.  It has several options, among them…

  • delayed screenshots
  • window recognition (it didn’t work too great in my test under Ubuntu 12.04 though)
  • take screenshot of a selected area
  • draw rectangle, elipse, arrow, line or text onto the screen before taking the actual screenshot
  • save screenshot to file or clipboard

You can launch it from a terminal with the command “deepin-scrot” or Instead of “deepin-scrot”, which starts the Deepin Scrot area selection, you can launch it with some parameters that let you directly take a fullscreen shot (“deepin-scrot -f”), capture the currently focused window (“deepin-scrot -w”) or start it with a delay (“deepin-scrot -d NUM”).

You can download a .deb for Ubuntu biased systems


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