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Linux USB Installers – A Evaluation of Apps for Windows

So I am a huge fan of Linux, and Windows as well, And quite often I will download whatever the newest release of whatever Linux Distro iso, burn it, reboot, and play with the Live session of that Linux for a while.  If I like it enough I give it some hard drive space to install it on to.  However, recently I was looking for an older Linux Distro to put on a friend’s PC and I discovered that, when I collected all of the Burned Discs, some CD, most DVD as of recent, and I organised them and put them into DVD spindles that I had laying about, well, I had Three Spindles, and each spindle holds One Hundred DVDs..  So my collection was up to AT LEAST Three Hundred burned discs.

I say “AT LEAST” because to be honest, I still about 5 more discs in my backpack, some in my “Emergency Kit” for recovering HDD info, and a dresser drawer that I have not gone through yet.

YES.  That is a LOT of burned Discs, and honestly, they need to be recycled.  But that got me thinking “There must be a better way to test out a Linux LiveCD/DVD session on Real Hardware that does not involve burning a disc.”  Enter USB Booting.  And this is what I discovered.

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Adobe Flash to be accelerated on netbooks

Nvidia and Broadcom promise

Since Flash obviously isn’t easy on the CPU which of course reflects on netbooks’ battery life, Nvidia and Broadcom announced full hardware Flash acceleration by upgrading Adobe’s plugin resulting in smooth playback of HD flash video and lower CPU usage.

Unfortunately, these improvements will initially run only on Nvidia’s Tegra solutions or Atom netbooks with Broadcom’s Crystal HD video acceleration add-on. This means that it’ll take a while before we see this in action and even longer before it becomes a mainstream feature.

We’re likely to see some other Flash acceleration announcements as well, but until we see this feature in action we can’t say more.

More here.

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