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Linux USB Installers – A Evaluation of Apps for Windows

So I am a huge fan of Linux, and Windows as well, And quite often I will download whatever the newest release of whatever Linux Distro iso, burn it, reboot, and play with the Live session of that Linux for a while.  If I like it enough I give it some hard drive space to install it on to.  However, recently I was looking for an older Linux Distro to put on a friend’s PC and I discovered that, when I collected all of the Burned Discs, some CD, most DVD as of recent, and I organised them and put them into DVD spindles that I had laying about, well, I had Three Spindles, and each spindle holds One Hundred DVDs..  So my collection was up to AT LEAST Three Hundred burned discs.

I say “AT LEAST” because to be honest, I still about 5 more discs in my backpack, some in my “Emergency Kit” for recovering HDD info, and a dresser drawer that I have not gone through yet.

YES.  That is a LOT of burned Discs, and honestly, they need to be recycled.  But that got me thinking “There must be a better way to test out a Linux LiveCD/DVD session on Real Hardware that does not involve burning a disc.”  Enter USB Booting.  And this is what I discovered.

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Why the Linux GUI sucks

So I like to run Linux, and over the years I have noticed that I have changed in regards for how I feel about it.  No, this is not about the Free vs Propitiatory, it is about Widgets, Windows Managers, toolkits and Desktop Environments.

So a friend of mine made the comment..

“The problem i have with gnu/linux is mainly the inconsistency, lack of quality control on basic elements, different widget toolkits, etc…”

So does this mean the the Linux GUI is not the new Apple of horrible, mistaken, mismatched layouts?

Well, no, but first we need to look in to something to help understand why the Linux GUI is the way it is.  A (not so brief) History in to the Linux GUI.

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Install proxmox on any live recovery system

Hello there!

Here I will explain how to install Proxmox VE on any dedicated server with a recovery system witch you can activate using the provider’s control panel (witch in my case is a Ubuntu OS loaded into the ram). This is the only way you can make a custom partitioning on these systems because they do not offer any custom OS installation as they only offer pre-built templates.

Please note that this is not entirely my work as I am taking part from some websites I found that helped me do this on my provider. I used this document from the debian website and the other part from hackerlab.

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Install XFCE 4.10(pre) in Ubuntu 12.04

So while XFCE 4.10 has been out for a  few days, no OFFICIAL PPA has shown up, but you can get XFCE 4.10 (pre-release) installed on your  *buntu system.   I will go ahead and mention that this PPA  will eventually be outdated, once the Official PPA gets made, but until then, lets use what we can. after all, when the Official PPA is available, upgrading will be a snap!

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