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The State of Microsoft Programming with .Net

For the past few years any one that had to visit a Microsoft website has seen, odds are, an advertisement for them to install Silverlight, Microsoft’s Flash competitor.  You see, Microsoft has wanted a chunk of the “web app” pie, and for the longest time, that was Flash.  If you wanted to do an App or a Movie or such that was easily done and put in to a web page, Flash was the Champ to use.  But Microsoft wanted to change that, and this was actually what may be considered the Downfall of the .Net programming language toolkit…


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Windows 7 officially releases October 22nd, 2009

An early Q4 release in time for the holidays

In light of addressing a very confused press and establishing a concrete release date for a very significant milestone in its corporate history, Microsoft has finally announced the official day that the Windows 7 operating system will be generally available to the world at large.

Without further hesitation, (What hesitation, you already have it in the header.sub.ed.) the official release date for Windows 7 is going to be Thursday, October 22nd, 2009. One detail we should note however is the fact that Microsoft has complete control over this launch and may decide to change the date at any time. To reach the milestone, Microsoft plans to wrap up development of the operating system by the middle or end of next month, Senior Vice President Bill Veghte said in an interview.

“We’re locked and loaded for the launch,” said Phil McKinney, Chief Technology Officer of HP’s computer unit. “The quality of code is just absolutely stellar.”

Microsoft has also stated that it will offer a “technology guarantee” program to those people who buy machines installed with Windows Vista within the few weeks prior to the launch of Windows 7. The few people in this situation will either receive a free or discounted copy of the new operating system. On another note, there have been hints suggesting that Microsoft might offer some sort of lower-cost upgrade to those who are already using Windows Vista.

Even though we now have a sound release date available, the Redmond-based software maker has yet to announce an official pricing strategy for its new crown jewel operating system. Hopefully there will be an update on this soon.

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Windows 7 is early Q4

windowsOr late September
We’ve heard that the DirectX 11 capable, Microsoft-butt-saving Windows 7 operating system should be coming latest in Q4 2009. Some customers that depend on it have told us that they expect it either in September or October time.

Windows 7 brings high hopes, as everyone sees it as the next milestone and much better than Vista, but honestly we still don’t understand why so many people are against Vista as this operating system runs just fine, as long as you have enough memory.

Since RAM and storage memory are dirt cheap these days, we don’t think that people should worry that much. Just like the original Phenom K10 65nm, Vista was branded as broken from the day one, and this is tough to change.

This will be the first operating system in the history that will have lesser resource requirements than the previous version, but this is exactly what users have demanded, and since Microsoft is in the business of making the money, they won’t argue and they will give its customers what they want.

We still don’t know the fix date but out sources believe you can see the official Windows 7 either in late September or early October.

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Windows 7 reaches build 7105 milestone


Possible RC-Escrow release

According to a new blog from Russian website Wzor, Microsoft’s Windows 7 team has reached a new development milestone and the latest Windows 7 build has jumped to 7105.

The new build was compiled on April 4th with the string 6.1.7105.0.winmain.090404-1235. Overall, the change log lists improved networking support, added support for some previously incompatible programs, added support for new drivers for various devices, extended support for sensory based displays, extras in the LP, small interface improvements, and small optimizations and changes in the kernel.

As it stands, Microsoft plans to release the Windows 7 RC-Escrow build sometime this month, so it is possible that there may be a leak within this week. On the other hand, the official public Release Candidate build is scheduled for May next month, while the Release to Manufacturing is scheduled for September in five months.

Just recently, Microsoft told its partners that Windows 7 RTM was delayed to September because developers and partners are currently unsatisfied with the builds. No specific reasons were mentioned other than the fact that there were still a few bugs. Nevertheless, if Microsoft’s schedule does not change, Windows 7 should officially be released in November and we hope no later than January 2010.


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