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Elementary OS beta reviewed

So as how I have reviewed Elementary OS before, I had some idea as of what I was heading in to.  However, to do the tl;dr for those that have a ten second attention span, here is the end result: It is nice, but still buggy.  Use if you want the latest, however, I would advise against it.  I found the desktop slow, and a but unresponsive at times.  Getting the LightDM to work correctly was horrible, every other login was just a black screen, I had to manually restart lightdm from virtual terminal way to many times.

However, if you DO want to try the packages, and hopefully get a better experience that what I did, keep reading below.

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AMD plans to take on Intel’s Atom

Well, sort of

AMD CEO Dirk Meyer says the company is working on a new low-power mobile platform which could take on Intel’s Atom. Samples should ship sometime in 2010.

However, Meyer, who believes netbooks will fade away as a separate product category, says the new chips will be used for notebooks, not netbooks. The important thing to point out is that AMD expects the new platform to end up cheaper than the Atom, and in this ultra-cheap market segment, even a slight price difference could mean a lot. Another thing AMD has going for it is its prowess in IGP design.

Meyer also said AMD is developing a new platform for thin and light notebooks, which will be positioned between Congo and Yukon. He also believes ARM-based netbooks will have a tough time penetrating the netbook market, as they lack proper software support, i.e. Microsoft won’t port Windows for such devices.

Also, AMD will soon launch a new mainstream mobile platform, codenamed Tigris.

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