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Restore Nexus S to factory for service return

I got a nexus S for a couple of days and i installed Cyanogenmod on it to unleash it’s power 🙂 that was a great experience! but all good thing come to an end… my carrier have the LG Optimus 2x which is a dual core phone! And who don’t want to try a dual-core phone?

So i returned it to the shop… but before i did this i restored everything on it and managed to find a way to remove the ClockWorkMod Recovery!

1. Restore the original rom of the phone from a backup or a stock rom here  using the Rom manager or booting diectly in ClockWorkRecovery (bootloader must be unlocked!)

2. After restoring the rom/backup you should do a factory reset.

3. Turn the phone off and start in bootloader( Power + Volume UP)

4.Download this recovery file

5. open a command prompt and go into the tools folder of the Android SDK and Type:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

6. Now you can lock the bootloader back using this command:

fastboot oem lock

Now you should be all safe to go back to return the phone and no one will notice 🙂

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