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Setup Google DNS under Linux

So a few months back the owner of this blog asked me to make a Windows app for him that would auto-setup Google DNS with just a click of a button, and I did, and after trying it out on my machine, I noticed a bit of a speed difference, and I loved it, however, I have since moved back to Linux, and I have re-discovered how to set up Google DNS in Linux (namely *buntu).  So I thought that I would share.

First of all, lets give a simple explanation for what DNS is for those that have no idea.

From Google’s own site (and I love this explanation)

The DNS protocol is an important part of the web’s infrastructure, serving as the Internet’s phone book: every time you visit a website, your computer performs a DNS lookup. Complex pages often require multiple DNS lookups before they start loading, so your computer may be performing hundreds of lookups a day.

Ok, so yeah, there we go, it is where your internet goes to get the IP numbers that actually run the internet, that is associated with website names, say, or even

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Tutorial – How to make a Chrome theme easy!

So You want to make a Chrome/Chromium theme? But how to do so? Do i need specific software? An IDE? Java? Do I even need Chrome to do this?

Well, This is a Tutorial on how to Easily enough make Chrome Themes. It may take as long as 10 minutes to make a Theme, however, remember, What You Put In To It Is What You Get Out Of it. (AKA, Good work shows itself off)


Requirements? Well, two things.

  1.  Google Chrome / Chromium
  2.  A Cool Wallpaper (Not Copyrighted, plz!)

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Restore Nexus S to factory for service return

I got a nexus S for a couple of days and i installed Cyanogenmod on it to unleash it’s power 🙂 that was a great experience! but all good thing come to an end… my carrier have the LG Optimus 2x which is a dual core phone! And who don’t want to try a dual-core phone?

So i returned it to the shop… but before i did this i restored everything on it and managed to find a way to remove the ClockWorkMod Recovery!

1. Restore the original rom of the phone from a backup or a stock rom here  using the Rom manager or booting diectly in ClockWorkRecovery (bootloader must be unlocked!)

2. After restoring the rom/backup you should do a factory reset.

3. Turn the phone off and start in bootloader( Power + Volume UP)

4.Download this recovery file

5. open a command prompt and go into the tools folder of the Android SDK and Type:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

6. Now you can lock the bootloader back using this command:

fastboot oem lock

Now you should be all safe to go back to return the phone and no one will notice 🙂

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Email, Calendar and tasks in Google Chrome

Ever since Google Chrome had extension support i fell in love with this browser. About a couple of week after the initial release of the first beta, thousand of extensions emerged. I was getting annoyed to have a tons of applications running on my computer and outlook was a big chunk. Gmail was able to replace the email part of outlook by adding pop3 accounts and Google Calendar and task as the scheduling part of outlook.

Using all those Google web application is all good but it lack of desktop notifications and you have to open the app in a tab to be able to use it at its full capacity but you still don’t have any reminder popups.

But now with 2 Google Chrome extensions you can have Desktop reminders using the new Google Chrome desktop notification API for you email and Google Calendar events. Google Mail checker Plus and Google Calendar checker Plus have a Desktop notification feature.

I addition to these two other great extension i also use Google Tasks by OpenBit to manage my Google tasks, even without desktop notifications it is still a nice extension to have since it give you a quick way to see/create tasks using the Great Google task feature in Gmail and Google calendar.

Google Mail checker Plus:

Google Calendar Checker Plus:

Google Tasks by OpenBit:

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