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Useful Utilities, Session 002


Ok, so, as how these are cross-platform Utilities, Linux screen caps, but it works the same on Windows/Mac/Linux!

(Click the Picture to see a full-sized version)

How to make Digital Copies of the DVDs\BluRays that you own, and how to shrink and transcode them!

First of all, you will need two apps, MakeMKV and Handbrake. (links at the bottom)

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Restore Nexus S to factory for service return

I got a nexus S for a couple of days and i installed Cyanogenmod on it to unleash it’s power 🙂 that was a great experience! but all good thing come to an end… my carrier have the LG Optimus 2x which is a dual core phone! And who don’t want to try a dual-core phone?

So i returned it to the shop… but before i did this i restored everything on it and managed to find a way to remove the ClockWorkMod Recovery!

1. Restore the original rom of the phone from a backup or a stock rom here  using the Rom manager or booting diectly in ClockWorkRecovery (bootloader must be unlocked!)

2. After restoring the rom/backup you should do a factory reset.

3. Turn the phone off and start in bootloader( Power + Volume UP)

4.Download this recovery file

5. open a command prompt and go into the tools folder of the Android SDK and Type:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

6. Now you can lock the bootloader back using this command:

fastboot oem lock

Now you should be all safe to go back to return the phone and no one will notice 🙂

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