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Common Tips to Stay Safe on the Internet

So several times a month I get the question “OMG.  My Web Browser is slow!  Why is my Internet so Slow?”  along with “Why did my Web Browser give me Viruses?”

I generally have a prepared text file of several items that I just copy and past, but this time I decided to post online my Common Sense Tips to Internet Safety.

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Firefox 3.5 previews

Better and faster

The Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox 3.5 preview version is now available for download and we have had a few hours playing with it.

Firstly it is a bit faster than earlier versions, although all the browsers on the market these days, such as Opera, Chrome and Safari are faster than the earlier generation. But the new browser has a few things which are more interesting including the use of open-source video standards, geo-location capabilities, and a few nice graphics tricks.

With 3.5 it is possible to run a video player based on the open-source video formats Ogg Vorbis and Theora. What is cool is that by using HTML5 links and other interactive elements can easily be placed inside videos. What is interesting is that it can do things that Flash can’t, and if it is supported by websites it could send Adobe packing.

Ogg Theora is supported by Daily Motion so it is not too far from being a possibility. Have a look at the demo video here

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