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Why you should donate to your favorite Minecraft server

Aah, Minecraft, pretty much everyone’s most loved game.  As a Minecraft player I have played on a few servers (a Swedish one, an American one, a whitelisted and a greylisted one), and having said that, I feel pretty comfortable having found “The Right Minecraft Server*” (for me, and in more ways than one…) And I love playing on that server.  I love playing on it so much that I don’t do SSP any more, also, I will not update my client until I am 100% sure that the server has been updated also.

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YouTube increases video limit size to 2GB

Allows for more HD content

Today, YouTube announced that it has doubled the current file uploading size from 1GB to 2GB to allow users to post more high definition video content on its massive servers. This is particularly useful for those users uploading 1080p content that can easily exceed over a gigabyte, even when re-encoded.

The YouTube team has also implemented embedding and direct linking to HD versions of video clips. By appending “&hd=1” to the end of the URL, a video will start playing in HD as soon as someone follows the link.

There is already speculation as to what the next update will introduce. Perhaps the maximum HD video resolution (853×805) might be expanded to fit a more conventional resolution of 1280×720, or a live broadcasting service feature similar to and Only time will tell.

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Install VMware Server 2.0 in Ubuntu Server 8.10

Many of my friends asked me how to install vmware on linux using the command line so here it is 🙂

1. Introduction

Finding reliable information about turning an Ubuntu Server installation into a Virtualization Server is not an easy task, and if you – like me – are going for a command-line only server, you will find this guide extremely useful.

VMWare Server 2 is a very good, free alternative to virtualization from VMWare – a company that has always been a leading provider in the virtualization arena. VMWare Server 2 requires a license number for installation, but this license can be freely obtained after registering at the VMWare page.

This product offers a solution that allows, among other things, the creation of headless servers. These are completely administrable via a browser, including creating virtual machines, powering up or down, and even command-line access.

Please note that while this article is aimed at a clean Ubuntu Server installation, most of the information contained within can be used on any modern distribution, whether command-line only or GUI. Read the rest of this entry »

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