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Tutorial – How to make a Chrome theme easy!

So You want to make a Chrome/Chromium theme? But how to do so? Do i need specific software? An IDE? Java? Do I even need Chrome to do this?

Well, This is a Tutorial on how to Easily enough make Chrome Themes. It may take as long as 10 minutes to make a Theme, however, remember, What You Put In To It Is What You Get Out Of it. (AKA, Good work shows itself off)


Requirements? Well, two things.

  1.  Google Chrome / Chromium
  2.  A Cool Wallpaper (Not Copyrighted, plz!)

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Update: Set Plank theme in elementaryOs

linuxSo It ends up that a few readers from the last article informed me that the Plank theme for the elementaryOS does not look like how it does in the screen caps of the previous article.  This is how you can fix it.

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