Techies make the best lovers

pornAll to do with the hard drive

A study of British men and women has concluded that techies make the best lovers. They were found to be the most selfless in the sack, the most adventurous and more likely to use gadgets.

Seventy-eight per cent of techies that were questioned also claimed that sex toys were part of their love life. Unusually they didn’t care if they were Open Sourced or proprietary. Eighty-two per cent of IT workers also claimed to consider their partners sexual needs above there own, the highest result from all of those asked.

While IT workers were often not so hot at networking they knew their way around their partner’s schematic. It probably comes from downloading gigabytes of porn every day. In comparison, those who worked in the fitness industry were found to be least likely to use sex toys, with just three in ten using them regularly and were the most selfish lovers.

However IT workers fall fair behind the fitness freaks when it comes to the number of times they get to use their joy stick. IT workers have sex much less than three times a week, well behind officer workers and the fitness fanatics.

  1. #1 by debby - May 24th, 2009 at 15:00

    For Techie Derek all applies except for the joystick usage; he uses his so often the print is wearing off.

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