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Ok, so, as how these are cross-platform Utilities, Linux screen caps, but it works the same on Windows/Mac/Linux!

(Click the Picture to see a full-sized version)

How to make Digital Copies of the DVDs\BluRays that you own, and how to shrink and transcode them!

First of all, you will need two apps, MakeMKV and Handbrake. (links at the bottom)

1a > Start up MakeMKV, click the one button on the start screen (not pictured, but it looks like a big DVD drive) to start up the Read session. Once that is done, it will give you the as-seen-above “choose what to copy”. As how my LEGIT copy of Supernatural has all 4 episodes encoded in 1 media stream, I choose that, but that is just me. to the left hand side, choose where to save and click the button beside the file save text box, and it goes to work!

1b > This is to show the output file size, some 6GB of the MKV file that was saved. Yikes! that is too big! Lets fix that!

2a > Handbrake. Aah, the french made something amazingly good with this one! Ok, so either drag and drop the newly make MKV tile on to handbrake (Or use the Sources button up top), and to the left hand side you have a “Format” options. I have a Nexus 7, so I choose Android Tablet. Format is all up to you. Click the “Enque” button. you can now add in MORE video files if you have them, and when you have them all qued up in the list, click the “Start” button!

2b > Ok, so processing large or a lot of files may take a bit of time, but as you can see with 2b, the file size was shrunk in the encoding from 6GB to a bit over 600MB. Not bad! Once this is done, you can delete the original copied 6GB file.

I hope that many people find this useful, I know that I do!

MakeMKV >
Handbrake >

Linux Special Note: Neither MakeMKV nor Handbrake is in most default repo’s for Linux (a few do have it) so you will want to go to Handbrake’s site and go through Downloads. For MakeMKV, well, you have to download one source file archive and a bin archive and simple follow the instructions listed here, it is not hard at all, i promise.

(DL and Instructions at this location) >

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