Useful Windows Utilities, Session 001

So having been on Windows for.. a long time, I have always wanted to do a semi-weekly series of Useful Utilities for Windows, So I finally decided to do it.  So this is the very first Useful Utilities session, made up of 100% FREE Utilities!

Today I bring you three Useful Utilities, two for XP and higher, one made especially for Windows 8.

The first is made especially for Windows 8, it is Start Menu Reviver. It is a Modern Windows style Start Menu for Windows 8, it is VERY easily customizeable, has easy to manage tiles of different sizes, customizeable color schemes, all in all, very nice and well done.

The second is CBX Shell. This works on XP and above, while meant for comic book .cbr and .cbz files, it works with .zip and .rar formats, showing the first images in these archive formats. So no more boring thumbnails, now you can see the first image to easily identify those archives!

The final app is Clover 3, it makes Windows File Explorer have Chrome-like tabs, including a bookmarks bar, the right-click, duplicate tabs, etc… functions that you find in Chrome. It also supports easy to use Drag and Drop File copy / Move between tabs. Very easy and useful utility for managing open File Manager / Explorer instances.

Links to the apps listed above.
 Start Menu Reviver, by ReviverSoft >
 CBX Shell, by T-800 Productions >
 Clover 3, by >


(Special thanks to daKirby to letting me know about Start Menu Reviver, that also makes use of his artwork for the Modern UI graphics.  He makes a LOT of extra Modern UI graphics that can be downloaded from )

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